For certain or to be permitted on a temporary basis, the or shall comply with one or more of the following special circumstances.
   A.   The circumstances constitute a substantial hardship, such as, but not limited to, a natural disaster, e.g., fire or flood, or a government action that has resulted in damage to an existing on the subject property.
   B.   A temporary , such as a mobile or modular unit, utilized for the management or oversight of construction (e.g., contractor’s office) or occupied as a caretaker’s facility or a home for the eventual resident may be permitted during the construction of a permanent . The temporary shall be on the same as the construction.
   C.   The temporary location of facilities during the structural expansion or remodeling of an existing may be permitted. Such temporary facilities do not have to comply with requirements of a permanent parking facility but shall, at a minimum, provide the following:
      1.   Screening from residential . Since this is a temporary facility, screening cannot be achieved by the use of unless mature vegetation that can act as the exists on the ; and,
      2.   Dust-proofing.
   D.   A temporary real estate office may be permitted during construction of a , provided:
      1.   The temporary use shall be terminated one year from the date the approval was granted. Additional 12-month extensions may be granted, provided sales activity for the continues and 10% or more of the or units remain unsold;
      2.   The temporary office is located on a and complies with all zoning standards applicable to that ;
      3.   The temporary office is located in the same within which sales occur; and,
      4.   The temporary use or complies with any additional conditions required by the approval authority.
   E.   A temporary construction equipment yard for public improvement involving or the placement of within public , provided solutions are implemented to mitigate potential negative impacts to residential . Such solutions include, but are not limited to, screening of equipment, , hours of operation, and limited or restricted use of residential .
   F.   The temporary placement of a mobile telecommunications facility on nonresidential property may be permitted upon the demonstration by a telecommunications that the facility is necessary for its operations; the facility is from any residentially zoned property by a distance equal to the of the proposed and base; and the and base do not exceed 65 feet from the . The temporary use authorized by this subsection shall be approved for a period not to exceed 60 and may be approved for one extension of time not to exceed 60 .