4.3.1.   PERMITTED
   A.   For the purposes of this article, a permitted refers to a that is permitted within a particular subject to compliance with all applicable use-specific standards and other regulations as described below and typically does not require legislative action for approval. A is the main use to which the premises is devoted and the primary purpose for which the premises exist.
   B.   The principal permitted within each are identified in Tables 4.8-1 through 4.8-7.
   C.   Principal permitted are subject to the following when applicable:
      1.    regulations and standards, including, but not limited to, the ’s exceptions and general restrictions provided in Section 4.9.13, the use specific standards provided in Tables 4.8-1 through 4.8-7, Article 5: Overlay , Article 6: Dimensional Standards and Measurements, and Article 7: Standards;
      2.   Application submittal requirements and fees provided in the Administrative Manual; and,
      3.   Standards provided in the Technical Standards Manual.