4.3.3.   ACCESSORY
   A.   Accessory are those uses and associated with, and to, a principal and may be necessary for the operation of the principal . Examples of include: residences with guest houses, restaurants with bars, and churches with a columbarium.
   B.   The permitted accessory with use-specific standards are identified in Tables 4.8-1 through 4.8-7. Accessory other than those provided in the tables may be permitted in accordance with Section 6.6, , , and .
   C.    are subject to the following when applicable:
      1.    regulations and standards, including, but not limited to:
         a.   The accessory and regulations provided in Section 6.6, , , and ; and,
         b.   The use specific standards provided in Tables 4.8-1 through 4.8-7.
      2.   Application submittal requirements and fees provided in the Administrative Manual; and,
      3.   Standards provided in the Technical Standards Manual.