General Provisions
   90.01   Definitions
   90.02   Restraint and confinement
   90.03   Regulation of dangerous and vicious dogs
   90.04   Killing dog approaching in a menacing fashion
   90.05   Offender to pay expenses; determination of dangerous or vicious status; notice of violation
   90.06   Notice of violation
   90.07   Effective date and grandfather provisions
Animal Care
   90.20   Rabies vaccination requirements
   90.21   Humane care and treatment required
   90.22   Giving away live animals
   90.23   Abusing, abandoning animals
   90.24   Striking domestic animal with motor vehicle
   90.25   Animals in vehicles
   90.26   Exposing poisonous substance
   90.27   Notice of ordinance violation
Administration and Enforcement
   90.40   Animal Control Officer and staff
   90.41   Impoundment and violation notice
   90.42   Sterilization
   90.43   Enforcement of civil and criminal provisions
   90.44   Interference with Animal Control officer prohibited
   90.45   Fees or money collected
   90.46   Animal Shelter control
   90.47   Adoption application for Animal Shelter animals
   90.48   Fees for surrendering an animal
   90.49   Euthanizing an animal
   90.50   Animal quarantine fees
   90.99   Penalty