(A)   All duties and obligations set forth in the state statutes shall be performed by the Animal Control Officer. The Animal Control Officer and staff shall be sworn to uphold, carry out, and supervise the enforcement of this chapter within the county, unless otherwise provided. The Animal Control Officer and staff shall be vested with all the powers ordinary and necessary under the law to enforce the provisions of this chapter.
   (B)   These duties and powers shall specifically include, but not be limited to:
      (1)   To educate the public concerning humane ethics, consequences of pet overpopulation, and their responsibilities as pet owners;
      (2)   Make a monthly report to the Board of Commissioners regarding the Animal Control Program in the county;
      (3)   An Animal Control Officer shall have authority to:
         (a)   Impound any cat or dog found running at large not under reasonable control;
         (b)   Impound any dog that has bitten a person or another animal;
         (c)   Impound any dangerous animal;
         (d)   Humanely destroy any domestic or wild animal when such action is needed to protect persons or property or to prevent suffering by the animal;
         (e)   Impound any animal showing symptoms of rabies or which has bitten or been bitten by another animal showing symptoms of rabies;
         (f)   Impound any cat or dog that does not display a current rabies vaccination tag; and
         (g)   Impound any domestic animal found showing signs of violation of § 90.21.
      (4)   Have the power to issue official warning or a notice of an ordinance violation of this chapter;
      (5)   Have the power to enter private real property in fresh pursuit of an animal to enforce this chapter; and
      (6)   In performing any of these said duties, the Animal Control Officer and staff shall, however, be specifically prohibited from: entering a dwelling unit or enclosed structure without the dwelling unit owner’s permission or unless accompanied by a uniformed law enforcement officer with a warrant authorizing the entry; except when apprehending and impounding an animal as described in divisions (B)(3) and (B)(4) above; carrying firearms; or making arrests of human beings.
   (C)   An animal that has bitten a person or attacked and caused serious injury or death to another animal shall be impounded, confined or quarantined at the County Animal Shelter for not less than ten days provided the animal shelter has appropriate space to safely and humanely confine the animal.
   (D)   Confinement or quarantine of an animal at the County Animal Shelter shall be pursuant to this chapter and I.C. 15-17-6-11 and at the cost of the owner.
(Ord. 2014-01-03, passed 1-13-2014; Ord. 04-04-2016, passed 4-4-2016)