(A)   Stray, abandoned and nuisance dogs, cats and animals showing signs that the animal lacks humane care may be taken by the Animal Control Officer and impounded in the County Animal Shelter and there confined in a humane manner. In lieu of impoundment, the Animal Control Officer may issue to the known owner of such dog or cat a notice of an ordinance violation.
   (B)   If, by means of a license tag or other means, the owner of an impounded animal can be identified, the Animal Control Officer shall immediately, upon impoundment, notify the owner by any reasonable means.
   (C)   (1)   An owner reclaiming an impounded animal shall pay the daily fee as periodically established by the Board of Commissioners for each day the animal has been impounded and agree to have the animal spayed or neutered within 180 days, if the animal has not previously been spayed or neutered.  Subsequent impounds occurring within 12 months are charged double.
   (D)   (1)   Any animal not taken from possession of the owner and not reclaimed by its owner within seven working days shall become the property of the Shelter and shall be placed for adoption in a suitable home or humanely euthanized. Once an animal is available for adoption, the former owner can still reclaim the animal, but adoption or reclaiming the animal is based on first in time having the preference. An animal captured due to biting a person shall be confined for 14 days.
      (2)   Any person adopting an animal from the Shelter shall pay a fee as periodically established by the Board of Commissioners. The current fee schedule is attached as Exhibit A and incorporated as part of this code of ordinances as fully as if set out at length herein. (See § 90.48(B).)
   (E)   Any animal that is abandoned or impounded under this chapter because the owner has been incarcerated must be reclaimed by the owner or the owner’s representative within ten days or the animal shall become the property of the shelter and available for adoption. If the owner is incarcerated, then an Animal Control Officer shall provide ten days written notice to the owner that the animal will become property of the shelter if the animal is not reclaimed within ten days. The time to reclaim the animal begins to run when written notice is mailed to the owner at the place he or she is incarcerated.
   (F)   No animal shall be sold by the Animal Control Officer or by any other personnel operating the Shelter to anyone for research nor to anyone who resells said animals for research.
   (G)   When, based on the judgment of the Animal Control Officer, and/or upon advice from a licensed veterinarian, it is deemed that an animal should be destroyed for humane, health, or safety reasons, it shall be the duty of the Animal Control Officer to see that such animal is destroyed and such animal shall not be permitted to be redeemed by any person.
   (H)   The owner of any animal impounded under the provisions of this chapter shall be entitled to resume possession of such animal upon the payment of the impounding fees, proof of rabies vaccination, agreement to have the animal spayed or neutered and any and all other conditions set forth herein, unless the animal has been previously adopted, euthanized, or it has been determined under division (G) above the animal should be destroyed.
(Ord. 2014-01-03, passed 1-13-2014; Ord. 05-15-2017, passed 5-15-2017)  Penalty, see § 90.99