General Provisions
   30.01   Adoption of form of government
   30.02   Composition of Council
   30.03   Mayor’s term of office
   30.04   Terms of office of Council members
   30.05   Staggering terms of initial Council members
   30.06   Vacancy during term of Mayor or Council members
   30.07   Oath of Mayor and Council members
   30.08   Salaries and expenses of Mayor and Council members
   30.09   Holdover in case of unfilled vacancy at term expiration
   30.20   Powers and duties generally
   30.21   Specific powers and duties
   30.22   Emergency powers of Mayor
   30.23   Power to suspend officers for disobedience or misconduct
   30.24   Rights of accused officer
   30.25   Temporary filling of vacant office
   30.26   Election of Mayor Pro Tempore; duties
Officers Generally
   30.40   Appointment of town officers
   30.41   Filling vacancies in town offices
   30.42   Bonds of town officers
   30.43   Salaries of officers and employees
   30.44   Enforcement duties of officers and employees
   30.45   Entrance upon premises and vehicles by officers and employees
   Elections, see Chapter 33
   Personnel and Personnel Policies, see Chapter 36