Residential Districts
1252.01   Intent.
1252.02   Schedule of permitted buildings and uses.
1252.03   Accessory uses.
1252.04   Area, yard and height regulations.
1252.05   Schedule of area, yard and height regulations.
1252.06   Yard regulations; multi-family dwellings.
1252.07   Yard regulations and dimensions; townhouse (attached) dwellings.
1252.08   Yard regulations and arrangement; cluster dwellings.
1252.09   Townhouse - cluster site plan.
1252.10   Required yards to be maintained.
1252.11   Front yards of partially built-up blocks.
1252.12   Side yards; insufficient width.
1252.13   Yards on corner lots.
1252.14   Yards for irregular lots.
1252.15   Yards for accessory buildings and uses.
1252.16   Projections into yards.
1252.17   Landscape features, fences, walls and driveways.
1252.18   Buildings permitted on zoning lot.
1252.19   Required lot area to be maintained.
1252.20   Lots of record of insufficient area.
1252.21   Lot area and width exceptions.
1252.22   Dwelling unit area requirements.
1252.23   Supplementary height regulations.
1252.24   Location of utilities.
1252.25   Access to less restrictive uses.
1252.26   Recreational vehicle parking and storage.
1252.27   Removal of soil; protection of drainage course.
1252.28   Temporary buildings and enclosures.
1252.29   Swimming pools, spas and hot tubs.
1252.30   Signs.
1252.31   Parking.
1252.32   This section intentionally deleted.
1252.33   This section intentionally deleted.
1252.34   Planned Development Area/Group development; one two-family dwellings.
1252.35   Estate Residential Development.
1252.36   Prohibited uses.
1252.37   Community-based residential care facilities.