TITLE TWO -    General Provisions
         Chap.  202.     Codified Ordinances.
         Chap.  204.     Official Standards.
         Chap.  206.     Wards.
         Chap.  208.     Public Meetings.
         Chap.  210.     Contracts.
      TITLE FOUR -    Legislation
         Chap.  220.     Council.
         Chap.  222.     Ordinances and Resolutions.
      TITLE SIX -       Administration
         Chap.  230.     Mayor; Administrative Assistants.
         Chap.  232.     Clerk.
         Chap.  234.   Department of Economic Development.
         Chap.  236.     Department of Law.
         Chap.  238.     Department of Finance and Purchasing.
         Chap.  240.     Department of Public Service and Properties.
         Chap.  242.     Building Department.
         Chap.  244.     Department of Engineering.
         Chap.  246.     Recreation Department.
         Chap.  248.     Department of Public Safety.
         Chap.  250.     Police Department.
         Chap.  252.     Fire Department.
         Chap.  254.     Emergency Medical Service.
         Chap.  256.     Hazardous Spills, Releases or Discharges.
         Chap.  258.     Community Improvement Corporation.
         Chap.  260.     Health Services.
         Chap.  262.   Department of Communication and Technology.
         Chap.  264.     Sale or Lease of Real Estate.
         Chap.  266.     Employees Generally.
         Chap.  268.  Department of Human Resources.
      TITLE EIGHT -    Boards, Commissions, Committees and Authorities
         Chap.  270.     Planning Commission.
         Chap.  272.     Board of Zoning Appeals.
         Chap.  274.     Civil Service Commission.
         Chap.  276.     Recreation Board. (Repealed)
         Chap.  278.     Industrial Commission.
         Chap.  280.     City Records Commission.
         Chap.  282.     City Beautification Committee.
         Chap.  284.     Architectural Review Board.
         Chap.  285.     Fair Housing Review Board.
         Chap.  286.     Board of Building Standards. (Repealed)
         Chap.  288.     Board of Building Code Appeals.
         Chap.  290.     Town Center District.
         Chap.  291.   Strongsville Community Youth Commission.
         Chap.  292.      Walter F. Ehrnfelt Senior Center Recommendations Committee.
         Chap.  293.     Domestic Abuse Commission.
         Chap.  294.     Moral Claims Commission. (Repealed)
         Chap.  295.     Arts and Humanities Board.
      TITLE TEN -    Judiciary
         Chap. 296.     Mayor's Court.