TITLE TWO -    Building Standards
         Chap.  1402.   Strongsville Dwelling Code.
         Chap.  1404.   Ohio Building Code.
         Chap.  1406.   National Electrical Code.
      TITLE FOUR -    Building Administration
         Chap.  1410.   Building Department.
         Chap.  1412.   Board of Building Standards. (Repealed)
         Chap.  1414.   Board of Building Code Appeals.
         Chap.  1416.   Applications, Plans and Drawings.
         Chap.  1418.   Permits.
         Chap.  1420.   Fees.
         Chap.  1422.   Registration of Tradesmen and Contractors.
      TITLE SIX -       Miscellaneous Building Regulations
         Chap.  1430.   Apartment Buildings.
         Chap.  1432.   Barns, Stables and Sheds.
         Chap.  1434.   Cellulose Insulation. (Repealed)
         Chap.  1436.   Paving Standards.
         Chap.  1438.   Drainage and Watercourses.
         Chap.  1440.   Driveway Installation Before Construction.
         Chap.  1442.   Exterior Property Maintenance.
         Chap.  1444.   Flood Hazards.
         Chap.  1446.   Garbage Disposal Units.
         Chap.  1450.   House Numbering.
         Chap.  1452.   Landfill Operations.
         Chap.  1454.   Motels and Hotels.
         Chap.  1456.   Moving of Buildings; Hauling of Heavy Materials.
         Chap.  1458.   Residential Swimming Pools and Spas.
         Chap.  1462.   Safety and Protection of Excavations.
         Chap.  1464.   Sidewalks.
         Chap.  1468.   Topographic Survey.
         Chap.  1470.   Topsoil Removal.
         Chap.  1472.   Unsafe Buildings.
         Chap.  1474.   Dish Antenna in Residential Districts.
      TITLE EIGHT -    Housing
         Chap.  1480.   ICC International Property Maintenance Code.
         Chap.  1482.   Trailers, Tents and Booths.
         Chap.  1484.   Fair Housing.