Parking Meters
365.01   Authority of Mayor to enter into contracts for parking meter equipment payment.
365.02   Monthly parking permits.
365.03   Installation and operation.
365.04   Marking parking spaces adjacent to meters; manner of parking.
365.05   Use of parking meters and spaces; time limits.
365.06   Article applicable only to parking during certain hours.
365.07   Vehicles to be parked wholly within space designated.
365.08   Parking meter rates; use of slugs prohibited.
365.09   Injuring or tampering with meters or parking meter fine depositories.
365.10   Collection of coins from parking meters.
365.11   Disposition of parking meter revenue.
365.12   Duty of meter readers in case of overtime parking; penalty.
365.13   Meter boxes for payment of overtime parking violations; “ticket” notices.
365.14   Interpretation of article.
365.15   Receipts from parking meters.
365.99   Penalty.