General Provisions
   50.001   Definitions
   50.002   Provisions part of service contract
   50.003   Application for service
   50.004   Classification of service
   50.005   Rates, fees and charges
   50.006   Lines to be dedicated to the Town prior to connection
   50.007   Separate connection required; exceptions
   50.008   Work to be done by Town or licensed utility contractor
   50.009   Meters, pipes and other connection equipment to remain property of Town
   50.010   Maintenance of connections
   50.011   Tampering with water or sewer system
   50.012   Suspension of service without notice
   50.013   Complaints; adjustments
   50.014   Abridgement or modification of rules
   50.015   Access to premises
   50.016   Water shortage conservation measures
   50.017   Water Conservation Incentive Program
   50.018   Utility easements
Water System Use
   50.030   Ownership of system
   50.031   Maintenance of meters
   50.032   Separate meters, master meters and yard meters
   50.033   Town's responsibility and corporate liability
   50.034   Consumer's responsibility
   50.035   Mandatory connections
   50.036   Mandatory standards
   50.037   [Reserved]
   50.038   Limits or prohibitions for police purposes
   50.039   Cross-connection control (backflow prevention)
   50.040   Water system development fee
Sewer System Use
   50.055   Ownership of system
   50.056   Maintenance of lines and laterals
   50.057   Town's responsibility and liability
   50.058   Consumers' responsibility
   50.059   Mandatory connections
   50.060   Town maintenance of septic systems
   50.061   Mandatory standards
   50.062   Compliance with county sewer ordinance
   50.063   Mandatory compliance, inflow correction
   50.064   Mandatory grease traps
   50.065   [Reserved]
   50.066   Sewer system development fee
Water Extension Policy
   50.080   Rates
   50.081   Availability
   50.082   Bulk user qualification
   50.083   In Town
   50.084   Extensions in extraterritorial zoning area
   50.085   Extensions in areas subject to future extraterritorial zoning
   50.086   All other areas
   50.087   Extension beyond municipal limits
Sewer System Extension Policy
   50.100   Rates
   50.101   Availability
   50.102   Extension beyond municipal limits
   50.999   Penalty
   Appendix A:  Rates, fees and charges