General Provisions
   95.001   Powers and duties of Fire Chief
   95.002   Inspections for fire protection purposes
   95.003   Fire hazards to be remedied when so ordered
   95.004   Right of entry for fire protection purposes
   95.005   Burning of trash, refuse, and the like
   95.006   Bonfires
   95.007   Receptacles required for matter susceptible to spontaneous ignition
   95.008   Accumulations of combustible waste, rubbish, and the like
   95.009   Maintenance of chimneys, smokestacks, and furnaces
   95.010   Assistance from citizens in case of fire/emergency
   95.011   Investigation of fires
   95.012   Record of fires
   95.013   Interfering with firefighter or fire apparatus
Fire Prevention Code
   95.030   Adoption
   95.031   Enforcement
   95.032   Limits for storage of flammable liquids
   95.033   Limits for storage of liquefied petroleum gas
   95.034   Limits for storage of explosives and blasting caps
   95.035   Modification of provisions
   95.036   Procedure for appeals
   95.037   Permits of the NC Fire Codes
   95.038   Inspections for fire/life safety purposes
Fire Service Outside Town Limits
   95.070   When fire service permitted
   95.071   Fee for fire/rescue services
   95.072   Town not liable for damages
   95.999   Penalty
Statutory reference:
   False prevention and control; state master plan and regulations, see G.S. § 58-78-1 et seq.