Sewers and Sewage Disposal
931.01   Purpose and policy: City sanitary sewer system use.
931.02   Application of State Code.
931.03   Supervision and control by Sanitary Board.
931.04   Sanitary Board compensation and bond.
931.05   Private systems and other effluent systems prohibited.
931.06   Connection required; individual pump stations.
931.07   Discharge of unpolluted waters.
931.08   Permission required to uncover, connect with or disturb sewers.
931.09   Connection and service application; right of entry.
931.10     State Plumbing Code.
931.11     Property owner maintenance responsibilities; Board  repairs.
931.12   Clean out required.
931.13   Separate building sewer for each building; townhomes;  extensions prohibited.
931.14   Inspection prerequisite to connection; laterals; authority of Inspectors.
931.15   Liability to City for sanitary sewer service; shut-off periods.
931.16   Limitation on City damage liability; Emergency Restrictions.
931.17   Public nuisances.
931.18   Appeals.
931.19   Severability.
931.99   Penalty.
Power to regulate utility systems - see W.Va. Code 8-12-5(32)
Sewer connections - see W.Va. Code 8-18-22