A.   Monthly rates.  The monthly rates to be charged and collected by the Sewer Department for services provided are hereby fixed as follows:
Monthly Sewer Service Rates
Rate Amount; Type
A.    Residential
$34.79 - Flat rate
B.    Multi-Family
$21.00 - Meter charge
$13.09 - Per unit fee
C.    Commercial
$15.90 - Base fee
$2.69 (per 1,000 gallons)
   B.   Sewer connection fees.  All connections to the city's sewer system requiring the use of a four-inch pipe or less shall pay a connection fee of $200. For connections requiring the use of six-inch and eight-inch pipes, a connection fee(s) of $400 and $600 respectively, will be charged.
   C.   Inspection fees for new construction.  Under the supervision of the Public Works Director, a physical inspection will be conducted to ensure that connections are properly installed. An inspection fee of $50 shall be charged.
   D.   Other charges.
      1.   Turn-off and turn-on fees.  Where property is serviced with city water, there will be no turn-off and turn-on fee, as such, for sewer service.  However, to enforce these procedures and regulations, water service may be discontinued and the existing charges for water service turn-on and turn-off shall prevail.  In this regard, water service may be turned off due to an infraction of these rules and regulations and will not be turned on until the time as the infraction is corrected and all costs due the city are paid.
      2.   Miscellaneous charges.  Miscellaneous charges shall be made for any work done by the city beyond normal maintenance or extension charges as outlined previously.  This work, which will include such items as moving connections, relocating manholes, or any other work done at the property owner's request for the benefit of the property owner, shall be charged for at direct cost plus appropriate overhead.  Payment in full for the estimated cost will be required prior to doing this type of work with appropriate refunds, if any, when the work is completed.  Work will not commence until a written understanding between the parties has been executed.
      3.   Temporary emergency treatment rates.  In cases where a customer desires to use any portion of the sewers or sewage treatment facilities for disposal of sewage on a temporary basis, and is not properly connected to the sewer system, he or she may apply for the service through the Authority which will compute the costs and require payment in full prior to the use of the system.  Should this service be desired on a permanent basis, a proper charge will be estimated and an agreement establishing terms and costs shall be entered into between the city and the customer using the service.  It is the intent of the city to discourage this type of service, except in the case of municipalities and private utilities, and to this end the city reserves the right to refuse to accept and also to discontinue this type of service.
      4.   Tax clause.  All of the city's rates, including minimum and other charges and service guarantees, are dependent upon federal, state, county, municipal, district, and other governmental taxes, license fees, and other impositions, and may be increased or a surcharge added if and when any or all of the taxes, license fees, and other impositions are imposed or increased.
   E.   Credit for sewage disposal charge for water not entering sewer system.  Where water used for lawn sprinkling, gardening, or commercial-industrial purposes does not enter the sanitary sewer system, relief from payment of the sewage disposal service charge on the presently-metered total water consumption has been provided for as follows.
      1.   Water submeter.  A customer may install on his or her metered water line, at his or her own expense and subject to the inspection by the Authority, a submeter to measure the water which does not enter the sewer system.  The sewage disposal service charge will be billed on the difference in consumption between the two meters, provided, however, that the credit to be given shall not reduce the sewage disposal service charge to an amount less than the required minimum charge.
      2.   Sewage meter.  A customer may install, at his or her own expense and subject to the approval of the Public Works Director, a specially designed and constructed sewage meter for accurately measuring all sewage discharged from the premises.
      3.   Separate water meter.  A customer may have installed by the city, at his or her own expense, a separate metered connection with the water main to measure the water which does not get into the sewer system.  The bill for water used through the connection will not include the sewage disposal service charge.
      4.   Affidavit for non-use.  A customer may file (between July 1 and October 1 of each year) a notarized affidavit on the form prescribed by the city stating that water was used regularly for sprinkling or for other purposes that did not enter the sewer system during the preceding fiscal year (July 1 through June 30).  Upon verification by a representative of the city, the customer shall receive a credit equal to 3% of the total amount of the sewage disposal service paid by the customer during the preceding year, provided, however, that the credit to be given shall not reduce the sewage disposal service charge to an amount less than the required minimum charge.
(Ord. 121, passed 12-4-1979; Ord. 186, passed 2-21-1989; Res. 2008-042, passed 12-16-2008)
   Billing time frame and late penalties; trailer parks, see Art. 13-1
   Responsibility for connection expenses beyond city's control, see § 12-6-10