§ 12-6-1  DEFINITIONS.
   For the purpose of this article, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   APPLICATION.  The written instrument by which a developer or a customer applies for water service of any sort.
   APPROVING AUTHORITY (AUTHORITY).  The City Manager or his or her designated representative.
   CONNECTION CHARGES.  Shall consist of a service charge that includes corp stop, service line, curb stop, meter, meter box and lid.
   CONSTRUCTION COST.  The cost to a developer, less the city oversizing costs, if any, described herein, for the design and construction of all facilities as required to serve the developer's property and to connect to the city's water.
   CONSULTING ENGINEERS.  The engineer or engineering firm or corporation responsible for design of facilities.
   COUNTY.  The County of Yuma, Arizona.
   CUSTOMER or CONSUMER.  Any individual, corporation, partnership, firm, or association receiving water service from the city for consumption or usage within its premises.
   CUSTOMER'S INSTALLATION.  All pipes, shut-offs, valves, fixtures, and appliances or apparatus of every kind and nature used in connection with or forming a part of an installation for utilizing portable water for any purpose, ordinarily located on the customer's side of the "point of delivery," whether the installation is owned outright by the customer or is used by the customer under lease or otherwise.
   DEVELOPER.  Any individual, corporation, partnership, firm, or association developing a property or properties for resale, rental, or lease, at or to which water service is to be rendered by the city.  Where applicable, any individual, corporation, partnership, firm, or association applying for the extension of water main or mains in order to serve a certain property.
   DIRECTOR.  The executive officer of the Public Works Department.
   EXTENSION.  An eight-inch or larger pipe line added to an existing water main of the city for the purpose of serving one or more customers.  All EXTENSIONS shall be within a public right-of-way or an easement.
   FIRE HYDRANT ASSEMBLY.  The assembly shall include the pipe, isolating valves, fittings, and hydrant proper beyond the bell outlet (or mechanical joint) of the tee on the city distribution main.
   FIRE LINES.  The pipe, isolating valves, detection check valve, and fittings of the city which extend from the main to the fire line pipes of the customer and which are used for supplying water exclusively for fire protection purposes.
   FRONTAGE.  The actual width, normally expressed in feet, of a property in respect to a street or avenue but without relation to the front, side, or rear of any structure located on the property along which the proposed water main is installed.  In the case of the corner lot, FRONTAGE is calculated as the longer of the sides involved.  For irregularly-shaped lots or acreage, FRONTAGE will be calculated by taking the square root of the number of square feet of property involved.
   GUARANTEE DEPOSIT.  The amount placed with the city by each customer as security for payment of the water bill.
   METER.  The measuring device purchased, owned, and installed by the city for use on a service line or fire line for the purpose of accurately measuring water used by a customer.
   MONTH.  The time interval between successive meter reading dates when service is rendered upon a monthly basis, which interval may be 30 days, more or less.
   OFF-SITE MAINS.  Water mains totally outside a development.
   ON-SITE MAINS.  Water mains in streets or rights-of-way, or easements totally within a development, and those mains in peripheral streets constructed for use by that development.
   OVERSIZED MAIN.  A water main extension in, through, or past a development which, because of future extensions or other reasons, is larger than required for the immediate development to be served.
   PLANNED EXTENSION.  Future water main extensions scheduled by the Authority with special provisions for payments therefor.
   PLUMBING.  All pipes, fittings, and appurtenances on the property owner's side of the water meter.
   POINT OF DELIVERY OR CONNECTION.  The point where the pipe or meter is connected with the pipe of the customer, and where water service to the customer begins.
   PROPERTY OWNER.  The record title holder of premises served or to be served with a water connection by the city.
   REIMBURSEMENT CHARGE.  A charge payable to the city for use of oversized mains for which installation was paid for by other parties such as the city or through funds advanced from other customers.
   SERVICE.  Service shall include, in addition to all water delivered to the customer, the readiness and ability on the part of the city to furnish water to the customer on demand.  Thus, the maintenance of water pressure at the point of delivery by the city shall constitute the rendering of SERVICE, irrespective of whether the customer makes any use thereof.
   SERVICE CHARGE.  The charge established for the water supplied by the city to the customer.
   SERVICE CONNECTION.  The physical connection made between each city-owned water meter and the customer's plumbing.
   SERVICE LINES.  The pipes of the city which extend from the water main to the meter, including the corporation stop on the water main, the curb stop at the meter, and the meter box.
   WATER IMPACT FEE.  A charge for the proposed usage of the city water supply treatment plant based on the service meter size, paid by a developer or a customer for utilizing portions of the city water supply treatment plant capacity funded by the city and held in a special fund or funds to be utilized solely to defray the cost of new facilities to the extent that new usage requires new facilities.
   WATER MAIN.  The water pipe or pipes in any specific city development owned or to be owned by the city to which service lines may be connected.  The minimum standard size of WATER MAINS is eight inches in diameter.
(Ord. 175, passed 1-18-1988)