A.   Billing; late charges.  Bills will be issued on or near the first day of each month and payable on or before the fifteenth day of the month. If the bill is not paid by the last day of the month it is considered to be past due and late charge of 1.5% will be assessed on the amount owed.
   B.   Delinquent accounts. 
      1.   Past due bills not paid by the fifteenth of the second month are considered to be delinquent and service will be disconnected. A $40 service charge and the past due amount plus late charge penalties owed must be paid before service will be re-connected.
      2.   A customer's water service shall be discontinued and no new application for services shall be accepted at any new location when there remains an outstanding final bill for unpaid water service at any previous location.
   C.   Customer deposits. Upon application for services, a deposit of $150 shall be paid for each account as a guarantee of payment for future services provided.
      1.   A customer requesting a temporary portable (floating) meter shall pay guarantee deposit of $500.
      2.   Governmental agencies, public utilities, and other agencies having reciprocal agreements with the city are not required to make guarantee deposits. At the discretion of the City Manager, churches, synagogues and charitable organizations may not be required to make guarantee deposits.
      3.   In the event of hardship, where there is demonstrated financial burden upon the customer, the deposit amount may be paid in three monthly installments. The determination shall be made at the discretion of the City Manager and/or the Finance Director.
      4.   All deposits shall be returned upon occurrence of the following events.
         a.   Termination of services and satisfactory payment of all charges for one full year.
         b.   Termination of services prior to one full year; deposit shall be applied to any outstanding balance.
         c.   A satisfactory payment history having no past due charges for one full year.
         d.   A satisfactory payment history not more than one past due charge for two full years.
(Res. 2008-042, passed 12-16-2008; Ord. 2013-006, passed 12-17-2013)
   Discontinuation of service for delinquent accounts, see Art. 12-4