(a)   The Sioux Falls zoning ordinance is organized into forms that categorize similar uses and control them equally with basic site layout, density, parking, signage, yard, and buffer yard requirements.
   (b)   Forms are categories of uses including a level of density. Each form is generally controlled in the same manner. Each form has all allowed uses listed and includes specific standards for those uses when appropriate. Uses are controlled as permitted, special permitted, or conditional uses. Forms are included in zoning districts based upon each different form's compatibility and within the appropriate character and context of the zoning district (see §§ 160.016-160.044 (Districts and Boundaries).
   (c)   In order to regulate and restrict the height, number of stories, and size of buildings and other structures, the percentage of a lot that may be occupied, the size of the yards, courts, and other open spaces, and the density of population, the following forms are hereby provided:
      DD1: detached dwelling—rural
      DD2: detached dwelling—suburban
      DD3: detached dwelling—traditional
      DD4: detached dwelling—historic preservation
      DD5: detached dwelling—older manufactured home
      DD6: detached dwelling—newer manufactured home
      DD7: detached dwelling—high density
      AD1: attached dwelling—suburban twin home/ duplex
      AD2: attached dwelling—suburban four-unit townhome
      AD3: attached dwelling—suburban eight-unit townhome
      AD4: attached dwelling—traditional eight-unit townhome
      MD1: multiple dwelling—small
      MD2: multiple dwelling—medium
      MD3: multiple dwelling—large
      NF1: neighborhood facilities
      NF2: neighborhood residential facilities
      BCF1: business and community facilities—small
      BCF2: business and community facilities— community service
      BCF3: business and community facilities—large
      BCF4: business and community facilities—open space
      RE1: limited retail employment
      RE2: streetcar retail employment
      RE3: parking-oriented retail employment
      RE4: community retail employment
      RE5: regional retail employment
      RE6: village mixed-use
      WM1: warehousing and manufacturing—light
      WM2: warehousing and manufacturing—heavy
      WM3: warehousing and manufacturing—mining and waste
      WM4: warehousing and manufacturing—airport facilities
      OPEN1: conservation open space
      OPEN2: recreational open space
      OPEN3: agriculture open space
      UT1: basic utilities
      UT2: tower utilities
(Ord. 9-13, passed 3-19-2013)