The city shall grant a vehicle for hire business license if satisfied that the applicant has complied with all of the terms and provisions of this chapter and if the evidence submitted in support of the application meets the conditions precedent to granting the license. A license decal issued by the city shall be permanently affixed to the lower left corner of the rear window of each vehicle for hire. The decal shall be visible at all times. A business license shall not be issued until:
   (a)   The vehicle for hire is in compliance with SDCL 32-9 Commercial Motor Vehicle Certificates.
   (b)   The city has determined that the applicant is in compliance with city ordinance.
   (c)   The applicant provides proof of sales tax license.
   (d)   The applicant is in good standing with the Department of Labor.
   (e)   All drivers are licensed per this chapter.
(1957 Rev. Ords., § 8.709; 1992 Code, § 43-25)  (Ord. 84-82, passed 8-9-1982; Ord. 137-98, passed 12-21-1998; Ord. 24-14, passed 4-15-2014; Ord. 74-14, passed 10-14-2014; Ord. 108-15, passed 11-2-2015)