Every person desiring a license to engage in a vehicle for hire business in the city shall complete an approved application, which shall include information required by the city. This application will be available in the city's licensing specialist office and shall also state:
   (a)   Previous experience in a motor vehicle transportation business if applicable.
   (b)   A description of the motor vehicle equipment proposed to be operated, including the seating capacity, the make, model, complete vehicle identification number (VIN). and license number where the information is available.
   (c)   A general statement of reasons supporting the granting of the application.
   (d)   Any information deemed necessary by the city.
(1957 Rev. Ords., § 8.704; 1992 Code, § 43-24)  (Ord. 84-82, passed 8-9-1982; Ord. 140-06, passed 10-16-2006; Ord. 139-08, passed 12-1-2008; Ord. 36-10, passed 4-12-2010; Ord. 24-14, passed 4-15-2014; Ord. 108-15, passed 11-2-2015)