(a)   There are hereby established the required accounts for the purpose of managing the revenues derived and to be derived from the city's sanitary sewer system. A separate account, to be known as the operation and maintenance account, shall be established for purposes of paying the operation and maintenance costs of the POTW. Funds required for this account shall take precedence to ensure satisfactory operation of the system.
   (b)   A separate account to be known as the Regional SDC account shall be established and collected annually. The Regional SDC account funds will be allocated annually in accordance with the city's internal policies. No regional wastewater customer or city wastewater customer shall have any right, title, or interest in such account.
(1992 Code, § 41-73)  (Ord. 48-81, passed 6-1-1981; Ord. 111-85, passed 12-30-1985; Ord. 88-87, passed 10-26-1987; Ord. 96-89, passed 9-11-1989; Ord. 35-13, passed 6-18-2013)