All legislative action of Council shall be by resolution or ordinance introduced in written or printed form, each of which shall contain no more than one subject, which subject shall be clearly expressed in its title.
   No resolution or ordinance shall be revised or amended unless the resolution or ordinance superseding it contains the entire resolution or ordinance so revised or amended, or the section or sections so revised or amended, and, having been revised or amended, the original resolution or ordinance, or section or sections, shall be considered to be repealed.
   An affirmative vote of at least four (4) members of Council shall be required for the enactment of every resolution or ordinance, unless a larger number be required by the provisions of this Charter.
   No ordinance or resolution shall be passed until it has been read, by title only and at three (3) different, regular Council meetings unless Council votes to suspend these rules. Such suspension of these rules shall require the affirmative vote of at least five (5) members of Council.
   No action of Council authorizing the surrender or joint exercise of any of its powers, or in granting any franchise, or in the enactment, amendment, or repeal of any zoning or building resolution or ordinance, or in changing of any district boundaries, or in authorizing any change in the boundaries of the Village, shall be enacted under a suspension of this rule.
(Amended November 5, 2013.)