The districts from which four (4) of the members of Council shall be elected are defined as follows:
   District A -   All of the Village lying south of Lee Road to its intersection with Parkwood, thence north to Hastings Road, thence along Hastings Road, to Silver Lake Boulevard, thence south to Kent Road, thence along Kent Road to the easterly boundary line of the Village.
   District B -   All of the Village lying between District A on the south and the south side of Crystal Lake Boulevard, on the north and extending easterly along said Crystal Lake Boulevard, to the westerly shore of Silver Lake, which westerly shore line shall constitute the easterly boundary of this District.
   District C -    All of the Village north of District B, and bounded on the east by West Edgerton Road to Harriet, thence south on Harriet to Oak Ridge Road, thence west along Oak Ridge Road to the easterly shore of Silver Lake.
   District D -    All of the Village east of Districts B and C which lies north of Kent Road.
   The boundaries of these four Districts may be changed from time to time by ordinance, but Council shall not have the power to change the number of districts. Districts shall be as nearly equal in population as is practicable, and shall be composed of contiguous and compact territory.