At the annual organization meeting of Council, the Council shall elect one of its members President of Council, who shall preside at all regular and special meetings thereof and establish the agendas of Council therefore, which agendas shall include measures recommended by the Mayor. At the same meeting Council shall elect one of its members Vice-President of Council, who shall perform all duties of the President of Council in the absence of the President.
   The President of Council shall become Acting Mayor, when required by Section 3.06 hereof. If the President of Council shall succeed to the office of Mayor pursuant to Section 3.07 hereof, his office shall be vacant, and shall be filled pursuant to Section 4.16 hereof.
   The President of Council, neither by virtue of holding such office nor in performing the duties of acting Mayor as provided in Section 3.06 of this Chapter, shall be deprived of his powers and rights or be relieved of his duties or obligations as a member of Council.
(Amended by voters November 2, 1999; November 2, 2021)