Police Department
246.01   Composition of Police Department.
246.02   Duties of the Police Chief.
246.03   Special qualifications of the Police Chief.
246.04   Duties of the Operations Officer.
246.05   Special qualifications of the Operations Officer.
246.06   Duties of the Patrol Division.
246.07   Duties of the Detective Division.
246.08   Duties of the Juvenile Division.
246.09   Duties of the Auxiliary Division.
246.10   Internal investigations.
   Department of Public Affairs - see ADM. Ch. 244
   Police Pension Fund - see ADM. Ch. 286
   Authority to remove and impound vehicles - see TRAF. 422.01 
   Directing traffic - see TRAF. 442.03
   Equipment required for police vehicles - see TRAF. 466.04 (b)