Fees Relating to Animals
   6-6-1   Animals
Permits Relating to Buildings and Construction
   6-6-2   Building permit
   6-6-3   Removal of building or structure
   6-6-4   Repealed
   6-6-5   Sewer tap
   6-6-6   Sewer connection; extension
   6-6-7   Water connection
   6-6-7.1   Special provisions for sewer and water connections
   6-6-8   Electrical inspection
   6-6-9   Plumbing inspection
   6-6-9.1   Septic tank and drain field permit
   6-6-10   Other permits related to building
   6-6-10.1   Plan review for compliance with Fire Prevention Code
   6-6-10.2   Fire inspections for specific establishments
   6-6-10.3   Permit for above ground storage of flammable or combustible liquids
   6-6-10.4   Building contractor registration
   6-6-10.5   Stormwater pollution prevention permits
   6-6-11   Burial spaces; mausoleum spaces and columbarium; Fairview Cemetery
   6-6-12   Service charges; Fairview Cemetery
Recreation Fees
   6-6-13   Campground
   6-6-14   Repealed
   6-6-15   Swimming pools; admissions
   6-6-15.1   Park user fees
Licenses and Occupation Taxes
   6-6-16   Plumbing licenses
   6-6-17   Other licenses
   6-6-18   Occupation taxes
Sewer Use Fees
   6-6-19   Minimum charge
   6-6-20   Private water supply
   6-6-21   Mobile tanks
   6-6-22   Surcharge
Solid Waste Collection
   6-6-23   Residential
   6-6-24   Institutional; business; commercial; industrial
   6-6-25   Trees, brush, and yard waste; disposition at city disposal sites
   6-6-26   Recyclable materials for non-residential customers and non-recyclable equipment
   6-6-27   Special collections and additional containers
Water Service
   6-6-28   Water service
Land Use
   6-6-29   Land use permits
   6-6-30   Parking permits and fees
Miscellaneous Fees
   6-6-31   Police escort fees
   6-6-31.1   Cost recovery
   6-6-32   Liquidated damages for excessive police alarms
   6-6-33   Police administrative tow fees
   6-6-33.1   Towing and storage of motor vehicles
   6-6-33.2   Miscellaneous; police services
   6-6-34   Labor of city employees; use of city equipment
   6-6-35   Use of right-of-way of sidewalks, streets for neighborhood block party, streets for carnivals, bazaars, or the sale of merchandise
   6-6-36   Deposit for city services