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General Provisions
   52.01   Definitions
   52.02   Service connections
   52.03   Turning on water service
   52.04   Water meters
   52.05   Access to meters
   52.06   Reimbursement for damage to meters
   52.07   Meter failure
   52.08   Inaccurate meters
   52.09   Accuracy required
   52.10   Bill adjustment for inaccurate meters
   52.11   Additional regulations
   52.12   Injury to facilities
   52.13   Cross connections
Private Water Connections and Water Meters
   52.30   Purpose
   52.31   Definitions
   52.32   Responsibility for installation, maintenance and repair
   52.33   Entry upon private premises
   52.34   Liens
   52.35   Meter installation and maintenance
   52.36   Policy and procedures
   52.37   Violation as a nuisance per se
Restrictions on the Use of the Public Water System
   52.50   Water scarcity generally
   52.51   Resolution to prohibit or restrict the use of the public water system for outdoor watering
   52.52   Revocation of ban
   52.53   Warning notice
Water Service Rates and Connections
   52.70   Definitions
   52.71   Operation, maintenance, repair and management of the system
   52.72   Water service user charge system
   52.73   Water connection equivalent user factors
   52.74   Certified meter agreement for water connections
   52.75   Payment of connection charges
   52.76   Connection fee account
   52.77   Charges constitute lien
   52.78   Renewal of existing water services
   52.79   Shutoff and discontinuation of service
   52.80   Disconnection for late payment; procedures
   52.99   Penalty
   Fire hydrants, see § 92.23
   Flood damage prevention, see Chapter 151
   Sewer regulations, see Chapter 51