§ 52.30  PURPOSE.
   (A)   Over many years, private individuals have, from time to time, installed private water supplying pipes on public or private property, or a combination of both, for the purpose of connecting their private property to the existing watermain in the public right-of-way.
   (B)   Some of these private water lines have, over the years, been installed upon formal request to and permission granted by the City Council, while others have been installed without such formality.
   (C)   In some cases, private supplying water pipes have been used as feeder lines for additional individuals who sought to hook onto the private supplying line in order to obtain water from the city water system.
   (D)   The end result of the above, over many years, is that there are numerous undersized private water lines existing in the city which serve various residents of the city, and it has been unclear as to who has the responsibility for maintaining and repairing these above-described water lines.
   (E)   The city is in need of clarifying and defining for itself and for the Kalamazoo Lake, Sewer and Water Authority which water lines shall be the responsibility of the municipality to repair and maintain, and which water lines shall be considered to be private connecting and supplying lines which are the responsibility of the private property owners utilizing the lines.
(Ord. passed 4-27-1987)