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General Provisions
   51.001   Purpose
   51.002   Definitions
   51.003   Deposits of waste onto property prohibited
   51.004   Discharge into natural outlets prohibited
   51.005   Connection to sewer required
   51.006   Private wastewater disposal restricted
   51.007   Conditions of service
   51.008   Protection from damage
Building Sewers and Connections
   51.025   Permit classes; application; fee
   51.026   Expense of connection
   51.027   Building sewers
   51.028   Old building sewers
   51.029   Construction specifications for building sewers
   51.030   Inspection of work; connection to sewer
   51.031   Excavations; restoration of property
   51.032   Connection may be prohibited
Industrial User Regulations
   51.050   Report required; contents
   51.051   Discharging industrial or similar wastes; required procedures
   51.052   Conditions for compliance schedules
   51.053   Report required after date for final compliance
   51.054   Retention of records
   51.055   Responsibility for notifying industrial users of applicable standards
   51.056   Adjustment of categorical pretreatment standards
   51.057   Reports, monitoring and analysis of continued compliance
   51.058   Reports required of significant non-categorical industrial users
   51.059   Reports to include certification statement
   51.060   Compliance schedules
   51.061   Permits required for significant industrial users; contents
   51.062   Permits; required for existing conditions and new connections
   51.063   Conditions in permits
   51.064   Notice of intent to issue a pretreatment permit
   51.065   Permit appeals
   51.066   Modification and termination of permits
   51.067   Effluent data available to the public
Discharge Regulations
   51.080   Storm water and unpolluted drainage
   51.081   Prohibited discharges
   51.082   Consequences of unlawful discharges or proposed discharges
   51.083   Interceptors
   51.084   Control manholes
   51.085   Special agreements
   51.086   Cooling waters
   51.087   Right of entry
   51.088   Confidentiality of information
   51.089   Right to revise standards reserved
   51.090   Dilution as substitute for treatment restricted
   51.091   Choice of monitoring location
   51.092   Spill prevention plan
   51.093   More stringent requirements and limitations to be met
   51.094   Pollution discharge limits to be expressed as either concentration or mass limits
   51.095   Advance notification to Authority of substantial changes
   51.096   Notification required for discharge of hazardous wastes
Sewer Rates and Charges
   51.110   Definitions
   51.111   Operation, maintenance, repair and management of the system
   51.112   Sewer user and connection charges
   51.113   User charge units
   51.114   Payment of connection charge
   51.115   Charges constitute lien
   51.116   Change in charges
   51.117   User classes
   51.118   Industrial user charges
   51.119   Sewer connection charges in special assessment districts
   51.120   Payments and collections
   51.121   Disconnection for late payment; procedures
Administration and Enforcement
   51.135   Right of entry for inspection, observation, measurement, sampling and testing
   51.136   Observation of safety rules
   51.137   Noncompliance deemed a nuisance
   51.138   Notification of imminent endangerment; abatement; emergency authority
   51.139   Revocation of treatment services
   51.140   Enforcement remedies
   51.141   Action for appropriate legal relief
   51.142   Right to request an interpretation or ruling; stays of enforcement; appeals
   51.143   Upset defined; affirmative defense
   51.144   Pass through or interference; related affirmative defenses
   51.145   Bypass regulations
   51.999   Penalty