(A)   The Authority Manager will provide all interested persons with notice of final permit decisions. Upon notice by the Authority Manager, any person, including the industrial user, may petition to appeal the terms of the permit within 30 days of the notice. Failure to submit a timely petition for review shall be deemed a waiver of appeal. In its petition the appealing party must indicate the permit provisions objected to, the reasons for the objection, and the alternative condition, if any, which they seek to place in the permit.
   (B)   The Authority Board may, after considering this petition and any arguments by the Authority Manager, determine that reconsideration is proper. It shall then remand the permit back to the Authority Manager for re-issuance. The permit provisions being reconsidered by the Authority Manager shall be stayed pending re-issuance.
   (C)   The Authority Board’s decision not to reconsider a final permit shall be considered the final administrative action for purposes of judicial review.
(Ord. passed 4-24-1995)