(A)   Bills for sewage disposal service are due and payable at the business office of the Authority or to any designated agent on their date of issue and, if not paid by the thirtieth day thereafter, shall be deemed delinquent and shall be subject to a penalty of 5% thereof. Bills shall be dated and mailed quarterly and shall cover one quarter’s (three months’) service in advance. If a bill is not paid within 30 days after its date of issuance, the Authority shall serve upon the customer a written notice of delinquency, and if it is not paid within 60 days after date of issuance, the Authority may discontinue sewer service to the premises and take such other measures as are permitted by state law.
   (B)   All bills and notices relating to the conduct of the business of the Authority and of the sewage works will be mailed to the customer at the address listed on the application for the connection permit, unless a change of address has been filed in writing at the business office of the Authority. It shall not otherwise be responsible for delivery of any bill or notice, nor will the customer be excused from nonpayment of a bill or from any performance required in the notice.
   (C)   Applications for connection permits may be cancelled and sewer service disconnected by the Authority for any violation of any rule, regulation or condition of service, and especially for any of the following reasons:
      (1)   Misrepresentation in the permit application as to the property or residential equivalents to be serviced by the sewage works;
      (2)   Nonpayment of bills; or
      (3)   Improper or imperfect service pipes and fixtures or failure to keep the same in a suitable state of repair.
   (D)   Where the sewer service supplied to a customer has been discontinued for nonpayment of delinquent bill, the Authority reserves the right to request a nominal sum be placed on deposit with the Authority for the purpose of establishing or maintaining any customer’s credit. Service shall not be reestablished until all delinquent charges and penalties, and a turn-on charge to be specified by the City Council, have been paid. Further, such charges and penalties may be recovered by the city by court action.
   (E)   The Authority shall make all reasonable efforts to eliminate interruptions of service and, when such interruptions occur, will endeavor to reestablish service with the shortest possible delay. Whenever service is interrupted for the purpose of working on the sewage works, all customers affected by the interruption will be notified in advance whenever it is possible to do so.