§ 51.001  PURPOSE.
   The purposes of this chapter are:
   (A)   To establish uniform requirements for direct and indirect contributors into the wastewater collection and treatment system and to enable the authority to comply with applicable state and federal laws and the general pretreatment regulations (40 C.F.R. § 403);
   (B)   To prevent the introduction of pollutants into the wastewater system which will:
      (1)   Interfere with the operation of the system;
      (2)   Cause the treatment plant to violate its NPDES discharge permits;
      (3)   Contaminate the sludge;
      (4)   Pass through the system, inadequately treated, into receiving waters or the atmosphere;
      (5)   Pose a health threat to sewer workers; or
      (6)   Be otherwise incompatible with the system.
   (C)   To improve the opportunity to recycle and reclaim wastewaters and sludges from the system; and
   (D)   To provide for equitable distribution of the cost of the municipal wastewater system.
(Ord. passed 4-24-1995)