Publisher's Note:This Chapter has been AMENDED by new legislation (Ord. 53 of 2020 ). The text of the amendment will be incorporated below when the ordinance is codified.
Article I. Code Adoption And Administration
18.48.010: Uniform Code For The Abatement Of Dangerous Buildings Adopted
18.48.020: City Council As Governing Body
18.48.030: Housing Inspection Fees
18.48.060: Performance Of Abatement Work
18.48.070: Recovery Of Cost Of Repair Or Demolition
18.48.080: Public Nuisances; Administrative Review And Limitations
Article II. Temporary Securing Of Buildings
Part 1. Boarding Process
18.48.090: Definitions
18.48.100: Notice And Order To Temporarily Secure
18.48.110: City Boarding Or Securing
18.48.120: Boarding Permit Required
18.48.130: Boarding Permit Application
18.48.140: Initial Fees
18.48.150: Separate Salvage Permit Required
18.48.160: Completion Of Boarding
18.48.170: Boarding Without Permit
18.48.180: Yearly Fees
18.48.185: Posting Of Boarded Or Closed To Occupancy Buildings
Part 2. Stays
18.48.190: Stays Authorized
18.48.200: Stay Process
18.48.210: Actions During The Stay
18.48.220: Work On Building Permit
Part 3. Boarding Standards
18.48.230: Method Of Securing Buildings
18.48.240: Landscape Maintenance
18.48.250: Exterior Maintenance
18.48.260: Snow And Ice Removal
18.48.270: City Maintenance Of Building
18.48.280: City Maintenance Of Landscaping
18.48.290: City Removal Of Snow
Part 4. Miscellaneous Provisions
18.48.300: Appeal Process
18.48.310: Legal Action Authorized
18.48.320: Existing Boarded Properties
18.48.325: Building Inspections Required
Article III. Emergency Demolition
18.48.330: Purpose
18.48.340: Emergency Demolitions Applicability
18.48.350: Immediate City Demolition
18.48.360: Level 3 Emergencies
18.48.370: Bill For Costs; Collection