Article I. General Provisions And Permits
17.04.010: Definitions
17.04.020: Preamble; Permit; Required For Water Use; Conditions
17.04.030: Charges For Use Of Water
17.04.040: Permit; Rights Permissive Only
17.04.050: Easements And Service Connections
17.04.060: Permit; Revocation Conditions
17.04.065: Exchange Of Water Rights
Article II. Subdivisions
17.04.070: Construction; Approval Required; Conditions
17.04.080: Waste Disposal System Requirements
17.04.090: Plans And Other Specifications
17.04.100: Construction Permit Approval Conditions
17.04.110: Sale Of Lots Prior To Construction Approval
Article III. Livestock And Other Animals
17.04.120: Livestock; At Large Prohibited; Permits
17.04.130: Livestock; Prohibited Near Streams
17.04.140: Livestock; Deemed Estrays When; Impoundment
17.04.150: Corrals And Other Structures Prohibited
17.04.160: Dogs; Permit Requirements
17.04.170: Dogs; Prohibited In Designated Areas
Article IV. Water Use And Sanitary Facilities
17.04.180: Rules And Regulations
17.04.190: Garbage And Sewage Disposal System Supervision
17.04.200: Water Using Facilities; Permit Required
17.04.210: Sanitary Sewage Disposal System Required
17.04.220: Sewage Disposal Requirements
17.04.230: Garbage Or Human Waste Disposal; Permit Required
17.04.240: Septic Tanks; Permit Conditions
17.04.250: Chemical Toilets Or Privies
17.04.260: Sanitary Facilities; Alterations
17.04.270: Sanitary Facilities; Emptying Requirements
17.04.280: Hauling Of Human Waste Required
17.04.290: Prohibited Location Of Toilet Vaults
17.04.300: Unlawful To Break Condemning Seal
Article V. Water Pollution And Other Unlawful Activities
17.04.310: Nuisances Prohibited
17.04.320: Pollution Of Canyon Waters Prohibited
17.04.330: Prohibited Acts
17.04.340: Camping And Campfire Restrictions
17.04.350: Glass Breakage Prohibited
17.04.360: Garbage Deposit Prohibited
17.04.370: Putrescible Material Prohibited
17.04.375: Herbicide, Pesticide And Fertilizer Restrictions
Article VI. Enforcement
17.04.380: Interfering With Officers Prohibited
17.04.390: Violation; Penalty
17.04.400: Trespassing
Article VII. Appropriations Of Water
17.04.410: Applications For Appropriations Of Water; Protests
Article VIII. Adoption Of Public Law
17.04.420: Watershed Improvement Act