Health and Environmental Regulations
   93.01   Maintenance of unclean or unwholesome buildings prohibited
   93.02   Deposition of manure near dwelling unit restricted
   93.03   Rubbish and waste water in streets and alleys prohibited; maintenance of receptacles
   93.04   Health and environmental nuisances generally
   93.05   Spitting in public places restricted
   93.06   Carcasses of dead animals in streets prohibited
   93.07   Junk cars
   93.08   Administration and enforcement of health and environmental regulations
Weeds and Weed Abatement
   93.20   Unlawful maintenance of weeds and vegetation
   93.21   Standards of compliance
   93.22   Periodic inspection; duty of Town Marshal
   93.23   Enforcement procedure; duty of Clerk-Treasurer; costs
Nuisances Within Town Limits
   93.35   Conditions or uses declared nuisances
   93.36   Abatement procedure; notice
   93.37   Service of notice to abate nuisance
   93.38   Hearing requirement; order for abatement; judicial review
   93.39   Abatement by town; costs
   93.40   Assessment of costs; lien against property
   93.41   Form of lien notice and certificate
   93.42   Limitations of applicability
Tire Storage Regulations
   93.55   Purpose
   93.56   Definitions
   93.57   Storage or accumulations of tires
   93.58   Town abatement
   93.59   Injunction
   93.60   Cumulative enforcement
   93.99   Penalty