(A)   All or any part of premises found to constitute a public nuisance as provided herein shall be abated by rehabilitation, or repair pursuant to the procedures set forth in this chapter; however, such procedures are not exclusive, and do not in any way limit the town from enforcing other town ordinances or abating public nuisances in any other manner provided by law.
   (B)   Whenever the Building Inspector, Fire Marshal, Health Officer or other town official determines that any premises within the town may be, in their opinion, maintained contrary to one or more of the provisions of § 93.35, then he or she shall file a written statement to this effect with the Clerk-Treasurer. The Clerk-Treasurer shall thereupon cause a written notice to be served upon the owner and the occupant of the premises (if any) by registered mail or personal service.
   (C)   The notice shall state that maintenance of the property (describing the particular violation of this chapter as provided above) has been declared to be a dangerous condition, and that such dangerous condition must be removed or remedied at once.
   (D)   The notice shall be of the following form:
      TO: ____________(owner/occupant) of the premises known as ________________________.
      You are hereby notified that (describe violating condition) on the premises above mentioned has been condemned as a nuisance in violation of § 93.35 of the Rockville Municipal Code. Inspection was made by (name of inspecting official). The nuisance is subject to abatement by rehabilitation, repair or demolition of buildings situated on the premises. You must remedy this condition or the town will proceed to do so, and the costs will be assessed upon such premises and will constitute a lien on the land until paid.
      All persons having objection to or interest in this matter are hereby notified to attend a meeting of the Town Council of the Town of Rockville to be held on the ____ day of __________, 20__ at the hour of where their testimony and evidence will be heard and given due consideration.
   Dated this _______ day of ____________, 20__.
      Clerk-Treasurer, Town of Rockville, Indiana
(Ord. 2001-668, passed 7-17-2001)