Private Waste Water Treatment Plants
927.01    Required approvals, plans and contracts.
927.02    Compliance before issuance of building permit.
927.03    Right of entry; operation standards adopted.
927.04    Notice of violation.
927.05    (Reserved for future legislation.)
927.06    Maintenance and operation to comply with State standards.
927.07    Discharges.
927.08    Use of available sewer required.
927.09    State and Village licensing of plant operator.
927.10    Application and agreement form.
927.99    Penalty.
Sewage supervision by Health Department - see Ohio R.C. 3701.20
Water Pollution Control Board powers - see Ohio R.C. 6111.03
Pollution nuisances - see Ohio R. C. 6111.04
Construction supervised by registered engineer - see Ohio R.C. 6112.04
Approval of plans; certificate from Public Utilities Commission - see Ohio R.C. 6112.03