Tourist and Trailer Camps
753.01   Definitions.
753.02   License required.
753.03   Application and fee.
753.031   Riverfront Campground fees.
753.04   Expiration and renewal.
753.05   Refunds; transfer of license.
753.06   Validity of licenses.
753.07   Application form and contents.   
753.08   Camp plan to accompany application.
753.09   Restrictions on location; Board of Zoning Appeals.
753.10   Approval of license applications.
753.11   License revocation and suspension.
753.12   Inspections.
753.13   Zoning regulations.
753.14   Camp plan.
753.15   Water supply; common drinking vessels.
753.16   Service building, toilets, bathing and laundry facilities.
753.17   Waste and garbage disposal.
753.18   Limitation on number of occupants.
753.19   Office building; register; duties of attendant in charge.
753.20   Applicability of City and State laws to plumbing, electrical and building work.
753.21   Parking trailers and campersoutside licensed campgrounds.
753.99   Penalty.
Manufactured homes - see Ohio R.C. Ch. 3733
Licensing and fees by Board of Health - see Ohio R.C. 3733.03 et seq.
Manufactured home defined - see Ohio R.C. 4501.01(I)
Travel trailer defined - see Ohio R.C. 4501.01(K)
State license plate fee - see Ohio R.C. 4503.04(C)
Tax levy on manufactured homes - see Ohio R.C. 4503.06 et seq.
Register; information open to inspection - see Ohio R.C. 4503.062
Parking trailers - see TRAF. Ch. 351