General Provisions
   78.01   Definitions
   78.02   Application and jurisdiction
   78.03   Enforcement and inspection
   78.04   Registration of snowmobiles
   78.20   Snowmobile equipment
   78.21   General speed restrictions
   78.22   Reckless driving
   78.23   Racing
   78.24   Minimum speed regulation
   78.25   Driving on right side of roadway
   78.26   Limitations on overtaking on the left
   78.27   Additional limitations on driving to the left of center of the roadway
   78.28   Following too closely
   78.29   Starting parked snowmobile
   78.30   Signals required
   78.31   Signal by hand or arm or signal device
   78.32   Right-of-way
   78.33   Right-of-way when turning left
   78.34   Snowmobile entering stop intersection
   78.35   Snowmobile entering a yield intersection
   78.36   Obedience to traffic-control devices
   78.37   Accidents
   78.38   Pedestrian right-of-way
   78.39   Persons under the influence of intoxicating liquor or narcotic drugs
   78.40   Consumption of alcohol by operator prohibited
   78.41   Obstruction of operator's view or driving mechanism
   78.42   Obstructing roadways
   78.43   Horns and warning devices
   78.44   License required for operation of vehicle
   78.45   Provisions regarding the carrying of weapons
   78.46   Limitations for operating snowmobile on state highway