§ 15-604. Parks and Recreation Facilities – Permits and Licenses for Use of Facilities. 24
   (1)   No permit or license for the use of any Park or Recreation facility identified in subsection 15-604(2), shall be issued unless:
      (a)   the application for the permit or license is accompanied by an Impact Statement detailing the physical impact, including wear and tear, the use might have on the facility;
      (b)   the application for the permit or license is accompanied by a Cost Estimate approved by Parks and Recreation to restore or repair the facility to its condition prior to the use;
      (c)   the person to whom the permit or license is to be issued, commits in writing to complete the restoration or repair of the facility to its pre-use condition within twenty four (24) hours following the conclusion of the use; and
      (d)   the obligation to restore or repair is secured by escrowing with the City in readily available funds, an amount not less than two hundred percent (200%) of the Cost Estimate for restoration or repair.
   (2)   Parks and Recreation Facilities identified 25 in this subsection shall be subject to the requirements of subsection 15-604(1):
      (a)   Von Colln Field, located at 23rd and Pennsylvania Avenue.



   Added, Bill No. 130412 (approved September 25, 2013). Enrolled bill numbered this as Section 15-602; Section and all internal references renumbered by Code editor.
   Enrolled bill read "indentified".