§ 9-3906. Vacant Waterfront Structure License.
   (1)   Required.
      (a)   The owners of vacant piers, bulkheads, wharves, docks, moored vessels, and other structures that have structural elements partly or totally below water along the shorelines of the Delaware River, Schuylkill River, or estuaries shall obtain a Vacant Waterfront Structure License. Occupied waterfront structures shall comply with the requirements of PM-314 and are not required to be licensed under this Section.
   (2)   Additional Issuance Requirement. In addition to the license application requirements set forth in subsection 9-3901(2), an application for a new Vacant Waterfront Structure License or the renewal of such license shall also contain the following information:
      (a)   A certification that the structure for which application is made has a barrier to human occupancy which is maintained at all points of access from the on-shore side of the structure.
      (b)   Proof that the structure is posted on all sides, in a visible and conspicuous manner, with "Danger - No Trespassing" signs.