§ 9-1603. Unlawful Self-Help Eviction Actions Prohibited.  1114.1
   (1)   No landlord or landlord's agent may engage in self-help eviction practices, as defined in Section 9-1602 of this Chapter, under any circumstances, in the City of Philadelphia. The requisite, legal process for lawful eviction must consist of execution of a judgment of possession entered by a court of competent jurisdiction in accordance with State law. Lawful execution of judgment may be performed only by a Sheriff or court-appointed landlord and tenant officer.
   (2)   Any agreement between a landlord and tenant which purports to exempt the Landlord from the prohibitions of this Chapter 9-1600 or any penalty imposed hereunder shall be void and unenforceable.



   Amended, Bill No. 200304 (approved July 1, 2020).