§ 9-805. Smoking Disclosure Policy in Multi-Family Buildings. 997
   (1)   In addition to any other applicable requirements of Section 10-602, relating to smoking in public places, a landlord who enters into or renews a lease or tenancy for a residential dwelling unit in a multi-family building shall disclose, in writing, to the tenant or prospective tenant, the building policy on smoking in individual dwelling units. The disclosure must be made part of the lease and shall state whether smoking is prohibited in all dwelling units, permitted in all dwelling units or permitted in some dwelling units. If smoking is permitted in some dwelling units, the lease shall identify the units where smoking is permitted.
   (2)   Enforcement and Penalties.
      (a)   The responsibility of the landlord for any acts of non-compliance with the designated smoking policy shall be limited to the remedies available by law for breach of the lease contract agreement.



   Added, Bill No. 160018-AA (approved April 26, 2016), effective June 25, 2016.