§ 1-105. Amendments and Additions. 6
   (1)   Amendments and additions to the Code shall be enacted in such form that pertinent provisions are set forth in full with:
      (a)   words which are eliminated by the adoption of the amendment printed between brackets; and
      (b)   words which are added by the passage of the amendment underscored or italicized.
   (2)   After the approval of any such amendment or addition, the substantive changes made shall be incorporated into the Code under the supervision of the Law Department. The Law Department is authorized, when incorporating changes into the Code or when updating prior versions of the Code, and without denoting in the Code that changes were made: 7
      (a)   to standardize into a single format regularly occurring words or symbols for which there are two or more generally accepted methods of representing precisely the same term (such as "feet" and "ft."; or "percent" and "%"); and
      (b)   to standardize numbering and lettering of Code Sections and subsections.
      (c)   In no instance shall a word be replaced by a synonym of that word and no change shall be made in a circumstance where the use of the replacement word or symbol, or a change in Section or subsection numbering or lettering, could alter the meaning of the Code language.
      (d)   The Law Department shall periodically provide to the Chief Clerk of Council a listing of the standardized words or symbols being used.
      (e)   In the event of a discrepancy between the Code and the certified copy of an ordinance, the certified ordinance shall control.
   (3)   The Procurement Department, with the assistance of the Law Department, shall publish and distribute by March 31 of each year a supplement to the Code which shall include all amendments and additions to the Code during the previous calendar year. Each amendment or addition shall be designated by Title, Chapter and Section numbers for easy reference. Each supplement shall be placed after the index in the Code.
   (4)   Commencing on March 31, 1984 and every four (4) years thereafter, the Procurement Department, with the assistance of the Law Department, shall publish and distribute a new and up-to-date edition of the Code in lieu of an annual supplement.
   (5)   The initial annual supplement to the Code, which supplement shall make the Code current through December 31, 1982, shall be published by December 31, 1983.
   (6)   At least five (5) copies of the Code, with annual supplements, shall be available for public inspection during regular City office hours. Notice of time and place where the Code is on public display shall be advertised at least once a year in the same publications as are used for publication of Councilmanic notices.



   Amended and new subsection added, 1983 Ordinances, p. 1157.
   Amended, Bill No. 170243 (approved May 17, 2017).