Standards for Specific Land Uses
1141.01    Individual produce stands and farm markets.
1141.02    Veterinary clinics.
1141.03    Farmers’ markets.
1141.04    Family day-care homes, Type A.
1141.05    Bed and breakfast inns.
1141.06    Two-family and three-family dwellings.
1141.07    Multiple-family developments.
1141.08    Townhouses and stacked flats. (Repealed)
1141.09    Greenhouses and nurseries (primary use).
1141.10    Catering facilities.
1141.11    Massage therapists.
1141.12    Funeral parlors or mortuaries.
1141.13    Nursing and convalescent homes, assisted living facilities, senior housing, residential care facility 6 to 16 persons.
1141.14    Auditoriums and performing arts theaters, churches, temples and other places of worship.
1141.15    Recreation, indoor and outdoor (excluding public parks).
1141.16    Golf driving ranges.
1141.17    Public utility and essential service structures and uses other than wireless telecommunications facilities.
1141.18    Eating and drinking places with the sale of alcohol, tavern, pub, brewpub, cocktail lounge, night club or billiard and pool hall.
1141.19    Tobacconists and cigar/cigarette shops.
1141.20    Video rental establishments.
1141.21    Automobile, truck and other motor vehicle service centers (minor repair), repair stations (major repair) and fueling (gas) stations.
1141.22    Outdoor eating areas and sidewalk cafes.
1141.23    Recording studios.
1141.24    Gunsmiths and licensed firearms dealers.
1141.25    Hotels.
1141.26    Outdoor sales or display area for sales or rentals of goods, products, equipment, machinery, automobiles and other motor vehicles, recreational vehicles, boats, building supplies, hardware or other items.
1141.27    Retail stores and commercial uses within 10,000 to 40,000 square feet of gross floor area.
1141.28    Industrial uses.
1141.29    Outdoor storage of goods, products, equipment, machinery, lumber, landscaping and building supplies or similar items.
1141.30    Recycling collection facilities and composting centers.
1141.31    Self-storage warehouses.
1141.32    Garage sales, estate sales and private auctions.
1141.33    Garages for commercial vehicles.
1141.34    Temporary structures and uses, including construction buildings.
1141.35    Circuses, fairs, festivals, carnivals and similar uses.
1141.36    Home occupations.
1141.37    Swimming pools.
1141.38    Telecommunications towers.
1141.39    General regulations.
   Introduction: This chapter provides standards for specific land uses permitted by this Ordinance, whether such uses are permitted by right or are permitted subject to conditional use approval. These standards are intended to apply in addition to all other requirements of this Ordinance.