(a)    Permitted Uses. Permitted uses may include, but shall not be limited to recreational fields, rinks or courts, including football, softball, soccer, tennis, basketball, ice or in-line skating and similar activities, bowling alleys, swimming pools open to the general public or operated by a private or a non-profit organization, music concert pavilions and band shells.
   (b)    Accessory Uses. Permitted accessory uses to the above permitted uses may include, but shall not be limited to refreshment stands, retail shops selling items related to the above uses, maintenance buildings, offices for management functions, spectator seating and service areas, including locker rooms and rest rooms. Accessory retail or commercial facilities shall be designed to serve only the patrons of the recreation facility, unless otherwise listed as a permitted use in the district where the facility is located.
   (c)    Setback Requirements. No structure or spectator seating facility shall be located within fifty feet of a property line, nor within 200 feet of any residential district or use. Pools shall be at least 100 feet from any residential zoning district.
   (d)   Performance Standards.
      (1)    The location, layout, design, or operation of recreation facilities shall not impair the continued enjoyment, use, and future orderly development of adjacent and nearby properties.
      (2)    A plan to control loitering and litter shall be provided.
      (3)    Recreation uses shall comply with Chapter 1137, Performance Standards, of this Ordinance.
      (4)    Parking shall be determined by the Planning Commission based on the layout, design and uses proposed by the development.
         (Ord. 21-2020. Passed 12-14-20.)