1141.25 HOTELS.
      (a)    Access. Secondary building entrances and exterior room entrances shall not face a residential district or use.
   (b)    Minimum Unit Requirements. There shall not be less than twenty units, each of which shall be a minimum of 250 square feet of area per unit, and each unit available for rental shall contain a bathroom of not less than thirty-five square feet, at least one bedroom with not less than 150 square feet and a closet of not less than eight square feet.
   (c)    Additional Requirements. The hotel shall provide customary services, such as maid service, linen service, telephone and/or desk service, and may provide an attached public dining room for the accommodation of not less than forty guests and a general kitchen, or an unattached restaurant with seating capacity for not less than fifty occupants located directly adjacent to the hotel or motel. (Ord. 21-2020. Passed 12-14-20.)