(a)   Use Statement. The applicant must supply the following documentation with any plan submitted for review:
      (1)    Description of any discharge of any type of wastewater to a storm sewer, drain, lake, stream, wetland, other surface water body or into the groundwater.
      (2)    Description of storage of any salt, oil or other potentially hazardous materials including common name, name of chemical components, location, maximum quantity expected on hand at any time, type of storage containers or base material, and anticipated procedure for use and handling.
      (3)    Description of any transportation, on-site treatment, storage or disposal of hazardous waste.
      (4)    Description of any secondary containment measures, including design, construction materials and specifications, and security measures.
      (5)    Description of any other expected impacts associated with the use and any mitigation measures to be employed.
   (b)   Setbacks and Screening. Sites shall not be located within 100 feet of any residential district or use. Appropriate screening shall be provided along all side or rear lot lines in accordance with the screening requirements of this Ordinance.
   (c)   Parking and Loading. All parking, loading and maneuvering space shall be contained within the site. Special consideration shall be given to any potential loading and unloading nuisances on surrounding properties.
   (d)   Performance Standards. All such uses shall comply with the provisions of Chapter 1137, Performance Standards of this Ordinance.
(Ord. 21-2020. Passed 12-14-20.)