(a)   General Standards. Recycling facilities shall be limited to the collection of recyclable materials for processing at another site. All storage of recycled materials shall be within appropriate containers that have adequate and convenient access, with lockable lids and doors. Access shall be provided solely on major streets.
   (b)   Setbacks. Commercial composting operations shall be at least 500 feet from any residential district or use. All composting operations shall be at least 200 feet from the boundary of any lake, stream, drain, wetland, or other surface water body, and the applicant shall describe procedures for managing stormwater runoff and preventing pollution of surface water bodies or groundwater.
   (c)   Performance Standards. The applicant shall submit an impact assessment describing the expected odors, aesthetics, environmental impacts, vehicular and truck traffic impacts associated with the use, and any mitigation measures to be employed.
   (d)   Screening and Landscaping. Screening and landscaping shall be provided in accordance with the screening requirements of this Ordinance as deemed necessary by the Commission. (Ord. 21-2020. Passed 12-14-20.)