(a)    Separation Requirements. No such day-care home may be located less than 1,500 feet from any other such residential facility, as measured between the nearest points on the property lines of the lots in question. The Commission may permit a smaller separation between such facilities upon determining that such action will not result in an excessive concentration of such facilities in a single neighborhood, or in the Village overall.
   (b)   Access. Areas shall be provided for employee and resident parking, and pick-up and drop-off of children, in a manner that allows maneuvers without affecting traffic flow on the public street.
   (c)   Play Area. All day care homes shall provide a fenced, contiguous outdoor play area in the rear yard area of the day care home premises, with a minimum area equal to 150 square feet per child at the maximum licensed capacity of the day care home.
   (d)   Hours of Operation. The day care home shall operate a maximum of sixteen hours per day. (Ord. 21-2020. Passed 12-14-20.)